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#MusicHeals is a open conversation movement that Rita hosts live on Instagram Live every Monday (8pm BST) and Thursday (8:15pm BST) inviting like minded creative individuals to explain how music heals them. Follow Rita on her Instagram to find out more! Below is how its started:

Following the UK government’s lockdown announcement on March 23, versatile fusion music artist Rita Morar decided to check in with her followers for a #RitasRendition Instagram Live music session.

It started as a chat and an opportunity to sing a few of her hit classics, ‘Piya’, ‘Rain’ and ‘Let Me Know’, but it soon piqued the interest of the British Indian music scene when Rita decided to invite other artists onto her Live to talk about how #MusicHeals.

Platform for artists

Every Monday and Thursday since her first session, Rita’s Lives have featured artists like multi-percussionist tabla player Vik Drums, DJ Doni Brasco, Swami Baracus and Premz. Rita is also using her live sessions to platform up-and-coming artists like Young Valli, Reveal and Ricky Chohan, and show a unique new side to British Indian music with the likes of Bhavik Haria and Eternal Taal.

Bhavik’s live session with Rita focused on bhajans and his new fusion album, which aims to make the devotional Indian genre more appealing to younger listeners. Founder of Eternal Taal, Parv spoke to Rita about putting together the world’s first female dhol team, which opened up a whole set of new opportunities.

Rita shares: “I totally believe that in music, we are all on the same level and we should all support each other, which is why I feature upcoming artists as well as established artists.”

For the full article on Music Heals, please visit here. Thank you Vidhu Sharma and also iGlobal News for the coverage

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