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Rita Morar x Young Valli - Lean On Me Ar



Song: Jee Le Zara

Artist(s): Anokha Beats feat. Rita Morar

Date: 26th November 2021

Label: White

Jee Le Zara on YouTube


Song: Habibi

Artist(s): Rita Morar feat. Drifta

Date: 27th November 2020

Label: Rita Morar

Habibi on Soundcloud


EP: Blossoms In Isolation

Artist(s): Rita Morar. Shri Gadhvi, Young Valli.

Kid Music and Robin Christian

Date: 09th October 2020

Label: Rita Morar

Blossoms In Isolation Teaser on Soundcloud

Song: Lean On Me (feat. Young Valli)

Artist(s): Rita Morar & Young Valli

Date: 25th September 2020

Label: Rita Morar

Lean On Me Teaser on Soundcloud



Song: Blossoms In Isolation

Artist(s): Rita Morar & Shri Gadhvi

Date: 11th September 2020

Label: Rita Morar

BII Teaser on Soundcloud



Song: This Is Love

Artist(s): Rita Morar

Date: 28th February 2020

Label: Rita Morar

This Is Love on Soundcloud



Song: Signs (UKG Mix)

Artist(s): Rita Morar

Date: 20th September 2019

Label: Red Side Records

Signs (UKG Mix) on Soundcloud

Song: Signs

Artist(s): Rita Morar

Date: 29th June 2018

Label: Rita Morar

Signs on Soundcloud

Song: Hari Hari Bol

Artist(s): Rita Morar

Date: 30th November 2017

Label: Rita Morar

Hari Hari Bol on Soundcloud

Song: Fantasy

Artist(s): Drifta ft Rita Morar

Date: Friday 24th February 2017

Label: -

Album:Genre:  Dnb

'Fantasy' on Soundcloud


Song: Let Me Know

Artist(s): Rita Morar ft MAAN

Date: Thursday 17th November 2017

Label: Rita Morar

Let Me Know on Soundcloud


Song: Sajana

Artist: Naamless ft Rita Morar

Date: Thursday 12th June 2014

Label: Heights Recordings

Sajana on Soundcloud


​​​Song: Teardrops

Artist: TaZzZ ft Rita Morar and Raxstar

Date: May 2014


Teardrops on Soundcloud


​​​Song: Destiny Falls

Artist: Ketz ft Rita Morar

Date: Wednesday 5th February 2014

Label: Melting Pots Records

Destiny Falls on Soundcloud


Song: Piya (Official Remix)

Artist: Rita Morar and Talal Qureshi

Date:  Tuesday 19th November 2013

Label: WHITE

Piya (Official Remix) on Soundcloud


​Song: Piya
Artist: Rita Morar
Date: Sunday 19th May 2013

Piya on Soundcloud

​Song: Realisation
Artist: Romay ft Rita Morar
Date: TBA
Label: Acoustic Science

Realisation on Soundcloud

Song: Rain (Piyush Bhatnagar VIP Mix)
Artist: Rita Morar & Steve 'Fingerz' Carty
Date: TBA
Label: White

Rain on Piyush Bhatnagar's Mixcloud

Song: Switch
Artist: Shammi Pithia
Date: 27th July 2011
Genre: Dubstep
Album: Paredolia

Switch on Amazon

Song: Fantasy
Artist(s): Dj Drifta ft Rita Morar
Date: 2011 ( Release date TBA)
Label: TBA
Genre:  Dnb

'Fantasy' on Soundcloud

Song: Yaadein
Artist(s): Ketz ft Rita Morar
Date: 5th May 2011
Label: High Chai Recordings
Album: SUBcontinentalBASS
Genre: Dubstep, Dnb

SUBcontinentalBASS Teaser

Song: Rain ( Piyush Bhatnagar Mix)
Artist(s): Rita Morar & Steve Carty ( ft Piyush Bhatnagar)
Date:  July 2010
Label: Monkey Dub Recording
Album: Various Artists – MDR022 – Monkey Bizness EP
Genre: Dubstep

'Rain' on Soundcloud

Jee Le Zera.PNG
Blossoms In Isolation Single Artwork cop
This Is Love
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